Sharps Disposal Program

This program is made possible with support from Nicollet County Environmental Services, Sibley County Public Health, and Tri-County Solid Waste

  • WHY is it important?

It is important to manage and dispose of needles, lancets, and syringes (sharps) safely to prevent injury and disease transmission from needle=-sticks.  Never leave needles and syringes on streets, in parks, or anywhere else someone could get injured.

  • HOW do I dispose?

                       Collect needles/sharps in thick, hard-sided plastic container.

                       Examples of appropriate containers:  Store-bought sharps disposal containers; Laundry      

                     detergent bottle with screw-top; Milk jug with a screw-top; Coffee can with a screw-on lid.

  • COST to dispose?     FREE
  • WHEN is available?

                         Monday through Friday     8:00 am – 4:30 pm

  • WHERE do I take my container?

                       Sibley County Service Center

                       Public Health & Human Services entrance

                       111 8th Street, Gaylord, MN   55334

                       For more information, contact Public Health at 507-237-4000