Many people want to test their home for mold. In most situations, MN Department of Health (MDH) does not recommend mold testing. There are Several reasons for this:

  • Proper mold testing is expensive
  • There is no health-based standard for mold levels in air
  • Any mold growing inside is a problem- it does not matter what specific type of mold is present

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If you are a renter: the landlord is responsible for controlling moisture problems and removing mold, unless it is an issue related to the tenant’s behavior.  Renters can address some minor moisture problems themselves.

Tenants and landlords should work cooperatively to investigate and correct moisture and mold problems. If the owner is unwilling to help, the renter may seek outside advice. If the case cannot be addressed with a local building, housing inspector, a renter may wish to contact an attorney or tenants’ organization to discuss legal options. More information on mold in rental housing

Landlords and Tenants: Rights and Responsibilities