Testimonials from past Alumni.
  • This program has been invaluable. I gained insight on how people think/act which allows me to understand them better. I also learned a lot about myself and how to better my leadership skill, not only in my job but in my life in general."
  • "Once you go through the program, you understand its value."
  • "This program has given me a greater understanding of the county and how each area has something different to offer. I would recommend the program to all residents to learn, network, and develop new skills which will help in all aspects of your life and work. I've met some very nice people who I hope to keep in contact after the program."
  • "Connections through this program encouraged me to do more business in the county."
  • "I feel like LST makes you part of a larger community, it's like a really great club to belong to."
  • "I feel I can take the skills learned and be a more effective business owner, employer, and community member. I can know how I react to situations better and to open my thoughts to how others react and how a situation may be viewed."
  • "Committee meetings are now stronger because of this program - clear agendas and stronger facilitation keeps things on topic."
  • "Participating in LST was the perfect way for me to build my leadership skills, create relationships with community members and get to know more about Sibley County. I feel that the program gave me a better understanding of others and how to work better with them on a day-to-day basis."
  • "My biggest success was meeting the new network of peers that I will be able to call on during community events and support."
  • "Learning about LST encouraged me to encourage others to apply and participate in the program."
  • "This is a class that helps you better understand yourself as well as your community.  There are so many hidden businesses with in a community and this class shows you them."