The City of Arlington is located in eastern Sibley County and was laid out in 1856.  Records show that the name was officially approved at a town meeting held on May 11, 1858, which is the same date that Minnesota became a state. At that time, both the village and the township received the name Arlington.  German settlement of the area began with the immigration of homesteaders in the 1860’s and 1870’s. The population of Arlington is 2,230 people. In 1948, Arlington was incorporated as a “Home Rule Charter” city.  Revision of the charter occurred in 1982.  Arlington was designated as a Minnesota Star City in 1990 and Tree City USA in 2008. Arlington is home to the Sibley County Fairgrounds as well as hosting a well-known professional rodeo event held each September. 


A commonly-used trail to the Dakota Territory passed through the future site of Gaylord in the 1850s. A roadhouse existed on the shore of Titloe Lake. Farms were established at the town site in 1881, as land was surveyed along a planned railroad route. The surveyors named the site after E.W. Gaylord after determining that the name Maasville, after Alfred Maas was too long. Elections were held and the village was incorporated in 1883. There had also been a feud between Henderson, MN, and Gaylord to determine what town would be the county seat of Sibley County. Henderson's thought was that it was right on the river, but Gaylord had more people and won the popular vote on the disagreement. The population of Gaylord is roughly 2,300. Gaylord is home to a newly build aquatic center and has a summer music series on 5th and Main with performances, food and games.


Gibbon is a railroad town, incorporated in 1887. It was named after General John Gibbon, of Civil War fame. First settlers to this area arrived around 1865. By 1900, our city had grown to a population of 545. The population now is about 810, and is home to GFW district offices and houses the Elementary school. The old Gibbon City Hall, which is on the National Historic Register, was constructed in 1895. It is currently undergoing a lengthy process of restoration. Like many Minnesota cities, Gibbon is largely composed of the descendants of German and Scandinavian immigrants. For decades Gibbon has been the sight of one of the most renowned Polka Festivals in the entire country, unfortunately the ballroom closed its doors in 2011. Each summer Gibbon hosts a Winterfest and Funfest in the summer as well the Gibbon Reds hosting games throughout the summer.

Green Isle

Green Isle city was settled in 1857 and platted in August 1881. It received its name by suggestion of Christopher Dolan, an Irish immigrant, referring to Ireland as the "Emerald Isle." Lake Erin, next eastward from the city, testifies similarly to the loyal spirit of its settlers from Ireland. The City of Green Isle has been experiencing a great deal of growth with housing developments on all four corners of the city. Whatever your preference for housing may be, Green Isle offers it, from single family custom homes, in any style or size, to single level twin and quad homes for the individual that doesn’t want the upkeep of a large yard or a lot of steps to shovel. The amount of growth, as well as the commitment from the city to provide as many services as possible in such a small community, is what led the city to the opening of a Charter School, which started welcoming students for the 2005 school year. Green Isle is a safe and clean community with a rural style of living that is second to none.  


Henderson was the first town to be incorporated in Sibley County. It was founded and named by Joseph R. Brown, who is commemorated by Brown County. The town was named in honor of his mother and her father, Andrew Henderson of Frederick, PA. During several years this village was Brown's home, and he founded and edited its first newspaper, the Henderson Democrat, 1857-1861. Henderson was the county seat until 1959, when the county offices were moved to Gaylord. It was incorporated as a town in 1855, as a borough in 1866, and as a city in 1891. The population is roughly 890. Henderson hosts Sauerkraut Days, a three-day event that takes place during the last full weekend of June. Henderson is also home to the Classic car Roll In, every Tuesday night from May - September the streets will be lined with 250+ vehicles and 100+ motorcycles, with a different variety every week! Visitors from all over the region show up and walk, enjoying music, vehicles, atmosphere and food.

New Auburn

An idyllic town nestled in the heart of the Land of 10,000 Lakes; New Auburn is one of the prize jewels of Minnesota. Located in Sibley County in the Southern half of the state, residents of New Auburn can have it all. With easy access to nature while still in close proximity to the amenities of modern life, there's nowhere better to call home. New Auburn is located on the west shoreline of High Island Lake and has become a community interested in improving recreational opportunities for the lake. The village was first incorporated on June 6, 1895 and named for Auburn, NY. New Auburn isn't a very big town. Ithas less than 500 residents. Residents enjoy acres of land and plenty of space, allowing every one of our proud citizens to enjoy life their way. Today you will find a public access area for High Island Lake, new community water system and numerous rain gardens being built to improve High Island Lake's water quality.


The mission of the City of Winthrop is to preserve the past while creating the future by providing high quality, cost effective public services which address changing community needs, with a focus on an engaged local citizenry. There are roughly 1,400 residents. Winthrop was incorporated as a village before 1891 and as a city in 1910 was named by officers of the Minneapolis and St. Louis Railroad. Winthrop is known for its flourishing agriculture industry, specializing in the production of corn and soybeans. It is home to Heartland Corn Products, a farmer-owned cooperative that has become one of the state's leaders in renewable ethanol production. Winthrop is also home to JB Lures, one of the largest fishing lure manufacturers. Winthrop hosts Farm and City Funfest each July as well as weekly music performances in the park.