Official Newspaper

The Sibley County Board of Commissioners, at their regular county board meeting on January 5, 2021, designated the Henderson Independent, a weekly newspaper published every Wednesday in the City of Henderson, County of Sibley, State of Minnesota, as the 2021 Official Newspaper for Sibley County to publish the County Board Proceedings, legal notices, the list of real estate taxes remaining delinquent, and such other legal matters as are required.     

Henderson Independent
407 Main St
PO Box 8
Henderson MN 56044
(507) 248-3223Monday at NoonWednesday900
Gaylord Hub
234 4th St N
PO Box 208
Gaylord MN  55334
(507) 237-2476Monday at NoonThursday750
Standard Gazette
402 W Alden St
PO Box 388
Arlington MN  55307
(507) 964-5547 Tuesday at Noon
Winthrop News
110 N Carver St
PO Box L
Winthrop MN  55396
(507) 647-5357 
Monday at 5:00pmWednesday