Assessor Staff

Assessors employed in Minnesota are required to be licensed by the Minnesota State Board of Assessors.          The levels of licensure include:

  1. CMA-Certified Minnesota Assessor
  2. AMA-Accredited Minnesota Assessor
  3. SAMA-Senior Accredited Minnesota Assessor

Extensive course work, written exams, oral exams, and the presentation of form or narrative appraisals along with required years of experience in the field must be satisfactorily accomplished by these individuals seeking licensure. Additionally, assessors must satisfy the established requirements for continuing education and pass required exams every four years to maintain their current licenses.

License Level
Laura Hacker
County Assessor
Gina Sievert
Assistant County Assessor
Kelly Rose
Appraiser II
Samantha Kral
Appraiser II
Sarah Johnson
Appraiser Trainee
Christine Kruggel
Assessment Technician