Right of Way

County Road Right of Way

The width of the county road right-of-way can vary a great deal depending upon location.  There are instances where the road centerline does not match the center of the road's right-of-way.  County roads have been surveyed to determine the actual width and location of the road right-of-way.

Right-Of-Way Map
Sibley County has the responsibility to maintain roads so that they are reasonably safe and convenient for public travel.  Regulation and control of activities and work in the county road right-of-way is necessary to provide efficient and safe operations of the county road system.

Within a typical road right-of-way, some of the following can be found:

  • The driving surface
  • Roadside shoulders
  • Road and County drainage systems
  • Aerial and underground public utilities
  • Sidewalks or non-motorized paths
  • Traffic signs and signals

Property owners are allowed to install a mailbox within the road right-of-way.  However, the mailbox and the post shall meet MN DOT State Statute 169.072