Children's Services

The Children's Unit works within State and Federal mandates and guidelines to protect children whose health or welfare may be jeopardized through physical abuse, neglect or sexual abuse. The Child Protection Unit provides services to families who are having a difficult time keeping their children safe. These services include assessment of the current situation and if necessary, the Agency will provide case management that will engage the parents in developing a plan and provide services that will support the family while keeping their children safe.

To report suspected abuse of a child, contact Sibley County Public Health and Human Services during regular business hours at 507-237-4000 or 111 Eighth Street in Gaylord.

After regular business hours, weekends and holidays, call the Sibley County Sheriff’s Department or local law enforcement at 507-237-4330 or by dialing 911.


Minor Parent Services

The Children's Unit assists mothers under the age of 18 in determining their needs and developing a plan that will assist them in accessing necessary services such as parenting skills, in-home services or educational goals.

Family Facilitator Program

The Family Facilitator Program is a voluntary program that offers child welfare prevention/intervention to families experiencing difficulties. Family Facilitators work with the family to strengthen and build a healthy family structure so the child(ren) can be successful in their home, school and community.