Who is my appraiser?

The law requires physical inspection of all property at least once every five (5) years for property tax purposes.  Check below to see which appraiser is responsible for your area. If you should have any questions concerning the valuation or classification of your property, a phone number is included with each appraiser's name. This is a business phone and can be used to contact an appraiser Monday-Friday from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM. If you are unable to contact us during normal business hours, you are welcome to leave a voicemail message.

The staff appraisers employed by the County Assessor's Office are professionals. Stringent training and experience requirements are set by the State Board of Assessors, which governs and administers the licensure of Assessors. 

Laura Hacker, County Assessor, SAMA

  • All Commercial, Industrial & Exempt property county-wide 
  • Also oversees all Residential and Agricultural jurisdictions

Phone: (507) 237-4075                                                                                                                                                 Email: LauraW@sibleycounty.gov

Gina Sievert, Assistant County Assessor, SAMA

  • Henderson City                                                                                           
  • New Auburn City
  • Faxon Township
  • Henderson Township
  • Jessenland Township            

Phone: (507) 237-4145                                                                                                                                                 Email: GinaS@sibleycounty.gov 

Kelly Rose,  Appraiser II, AMA

  • Alfsborg Township
  • Bismarck Township
  • Cornish Township 
  • Grafton Township 
  • Transit  Township 
  • Severance Township                                                                                                                          

Phone: (507) 237-4317                                                                                                                                                       Email: KellyRose@sibleycounty.gov 

Sam Kral,  Appraiser II, SAMA

  • Arlington City
  • Gaylord City
  • Gibbon City
  • Green Isle City
  • Winthrop City

Phone: (507) 237-4077                                                                                                                                                   Email: SamK@sibleycounty.gov 

Sarah Johnson, Appraiser Trainee 

  • Arlington Township
  • Green Isle Township 
  • Kelso Township 
  • New Auburn Township 
  • Sibley Township 
  • Washington Lake Township 

Phone: (507) 237-4076                                                                                                                                                     Email: sarahjohnson@sibleycounty.gov 

Local Assessors (contact the Assessor's Office)

  • Moltke Township - Greg Kiecker
  • Dryden Township - Kelly Rose            

Can the assessor view my property without me present?

Yes, according to Minnesota Statute 273.20, any officer authorized by law to access property for taxation may, when necessary to the proper performance of their duties, enter any dwelling, house, building, or structure and view the same and the property therein. Any officer authorized by law to assess property for ad valorem tax purposes shall have reasonable access to land and structures as necessary for the proper performance of their duties.

However, a property owner may refuse to allow an assessor to inspect their property. This refusal by the property owner must be either verbal or expressly stated in a letter to the county assessor. If the assessor is denied access to view a property, the assessor is authorized to estimate the property's market value by making assumptions believed appropriate concerning the property's finish and condition pursuant to Minnesota Statute 273.20.

Pursuant to Minnesota Statute 274.01  Subd.1 (b): The board may not make an individual market value adjustment or classification change that would benefit the property if the owner or other person having control over the property has refused the assessor access to inspect the property and the interior of any buildings or structures as provided in section 273.20.                                                                                                                                                                              The Property Tax Administrator's Manual states: neither Local Boards of Appeals and Equalization (LBAE) nor County Board of Appeals and Equalization (CBAE) can make changes in favor of a property owner who refuses access to the Assessor.

Who does what in property taxes?

County (or City) Assessor

The county (or city) assessor classifies property by use (commercial, agricultural, residential, etc.) and estimates the value of the property for tax purposes. The assessor also send out valuation notices each spring.

County Auditor

The county auditor determines tax rates and administers delinquent real property taxes, elections, and the overall accounting functions of the county. The auditor also keeps a record of all taxable property in the county and delivers a list of property owners and their respective taxes to the county treasurer.

County Treasurer

The county treasurer collects and distributes current property taxes and special assessments, administers delinquent personal property taxes, and is responsible for sending out Truth in Taxation Notices and Property Tax Statements.

County Recorder

The county recorder maintains the county's vital records (births, deaths and marriages) and records all transfers of property, liens, mortgages, satisfactions and other official documents.

Minnesota Department of Revenue (DOR)

Property taxes in Minnesota are primarily administered by your county. The Department of Revenue's Property Tax Division provides counties with general guidance, oversight, and education to ensure proper administration of the state's property tax laws.

The department also distributes funds to local governments, such as Local Government Aid, and conducts property tax research and data analysis. The department's individual Income Tax Division is responsible for processing property tax refunds