Child Care Licensing

Sibley County Public Health and Human Services works as an agent of the Minnesota Department of Human Services Licensing Division. Sibley County PHHS works with family day care providers to establish standards of care throughout the county while adhering to State licensing laws. Family Child Care Licensing staff is responsible for licensing and monitoring providers; once licensed, Child Care staff will provide support, resources and monitor compliance with licensing rules.

If you are interested in becoming licensed as a family day care provider, please contact Sibley County Public Health and Human Services for more information.

Rules & Regulations

Licensing rules are set forth in Minnesota Rules, Part 9502.0300 - 9502.0445 ("Rule 2"), governing licensing of family child care and group family child care. The rules define minimum standards a provider must meet in order to be licensed. These standards relate to caregiver qualifications, caregiver training, license capacity, child/adult ratios, age distribution restrictions, behavior guidance, provider records, activities and equipment, safety of the physical environment, sanitation and health, and water, food, and nutrition. Licensing regulations can be found in statute under Minnesota Statutes sections 245A and 245C.

Each Minnesota county acts as a licensing agent for the State of Minnesota to ensure that licensed providers comply with licensing rules. Providers are generally granted a 1-year license when they start day care, and may be granted either a 1-year or 2-year license thereafter. The are also responsible to investigate any complaints received about a licensed provider.

It Is a Misdemeanor to Provide Child Care Without a License

Under Minnesota Statutes, section 245A.03 subdivision 2, there are 2 exceptions to this:

  • You may care for your relatives' children (includes grandchildren, nieces, nephews etc) plus one unrelated family without having to be licensed
  • You may provide unlicensed child care for a cumulative total of less than 30 days in any 12 month period. The State of Minnesota requires someone to have a family child care license if he/she is caring for children from more than one family that is not related to them