Burn Permits

Burn permits are issued for one year and cost $10. They are required for open fires of brush and wood and other natural combustible materials and can be purchased at any time throughout the year. Burn permits are available at the Sheriff's Office during the regular workday and through the Dispatch/Jail at any other time. As usual, you are requested to call the toll-free number to report when you will be burning and the section and township where the burn will occur. The toll free number for the Sheriff's Office is 888-880-4567.

A burn permit is not required for open fires any time there is at least three inches of snow on the ground in the area of the fire. During the winter months, when the ground is snow covered, the Sheriff's Office appreciates a call when burning will be done, even if there is no burn permit issued. Should a call come in about a fire, it helps to know where the controlled burning is taking place so a deputy does not have to be dispatched to investigate unless necessary.