Septic (SSTS)

The zoning department administers the Sub-Surface Sewage Treatment System (SSTS) program and all provisions set forth in Sibley County's Ordinance Article 300.

Sibley County SSTS Inspector services are contracted with Mid MN Septic Services.  They are responsible for reviewing and approving all septic designs, overseeing all required septic installation inspections, and issuing the final Certificate of Compliance.

Sibley County Septic Inspector
Bob Billiet, Mid-MN Septic Services
Phone: (320) 234-7222

Septic Permit Application Process

 Click here to view the process for applying for a septic permit.  

Septic System Grants & Loans


Sibley County has low-income grants available to qualifying residents to upgrade your non-compliant septic system. The grant can be used in conjunction with an Ag BMP loan to install a compliant septic system.

If funds are available, the qualifications that must be met include:

  1. Meet the low-income threshold set by the USDA
  2. Current septic system has been deemed an Imminent Threat requiring an upgrade within 10 months

To see if you qualify, contact the Sibley County Zoning Administrator at 507-237-4091.


Ag BMP Loans can also be applied for if funds are available. There are no income requirements for the loan.  Loans for septic systems are available for replacement systems only (no brand new systems).  

For information on the Ag BMP loan program, contact the Sibley County Zoning Administrator at 507-237-4091. 

Compliance Inspections

A compliance inspection on a septic system is required when any one of the following conditions occur:

  • At any time the zoning department deems appropriate, such as receiving a complaint or other information of system failure
  • The addition of a bedroom on the property, to assure that the existing system can accommodate the additional bedroom
  • Any time a zoning permit is applied for in the Shoreland District, a compliance inspection must be completed on non-conforming systems 
  • At any time the owner of a tract of land which contains a septic system is sold or transfers ownership where the transaction requires an ECRV (electronic certificate of Real Estate Value); see the Point of  Sale/Transfer of Property section below for more information

All compliance inspections must be conducted and signed by a licensed septic contractor.  The inspector MUST submit the certificate of compliance (COC) or notice of noncompliance (NON) to the system owner (or owner’s agent) AND the local government unit (Sibley County Zoning Department) within 15 business days upon completion of the inspection. 

  • If the septic system is non-compliant and deemed an imminent threat to public health safety, the system must be replaced within ten months.
  • If the septic system is non-compliant and deemed as failing to protect groundwater, the system must be replaced within three years.

A Certificate of Compliance (COC) for existing systems are valid for a maximum of three years from the date of issuance.

For more information on the compliance inspection program, please refer to the Sibley County Zoning Ordinance section 300.  

Point of Sale/Transfer of Property

Any time a property is sold or transferred, a Certification As To Septic System Status form MUST be submitted along with the documents at the time of recording.  

For more information on the requirements necessary when the transfer of properties occur, please refer to the Sibley County Zoning Ordinance section 300.

SSTS Licensed Businesses and Individuals

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