The zoning department administers regulations pertaining to permits and conducting public hearings on zoning requests according to Sibley County Zoning Ordinance Article 300 and Sibley County Subdivision Ordinance Article 320.  These ordinances are aimed at promoting the public's health, safety, and general welfare. Zoning is also responsible for receiving and investigating environmental complaints.  

MN Statutes Chapter 394 grants Counties the authority for planning and zoning activities.  

Note:  Sibley County Zoning is not responsible for administering planning and zoning within the 7 Cities.  If you are looking for permits and you are located in a City (not a Township), please contact the City for more information on their process.  

Permit Application Process

Visit the Permit Application Process page for information on how to apply for the following items:

  • Land Use Application
  • Setback Certificate
  • Variance Application
  • Conditional Use Application
  • Rezoning Application
  • Platting Application

Visit the Septic page for information on the septic application process.