Drainage, Ditch & AG Inspections

AG Inspections

It is State Law that Sibley County inspects seed, feed and fertilizer businesses for the Minnesota Department of Agriculture. Truth in labeling is the reason for sampling seed for consumer protection.

Sibley County works with cities and townships on weed inspections. In the spring, public notices are published in the local newspapers to landowners to destroy noxious weeds on their property. In addition, letters are sent to the city and township officials to check all lands for noxious weeds and/or nuisance weeds. The township officials conduct weed tours in June and July. If noxious weeds are found, the townships report to the county to send out such notices to the individual landowners.

The noxious weeds should be destroyed or eradicated by effective methods to prevent the weeds from blooming and seeds maturing or spreading by roots or root stock.

Noxious & Invasive Weeds

View information on the 2023 noxious and invasive weeds (PDF).

Giant Ragweed was also added to the Sibley County List of Noxious and Invasive Weeds (PDF)

DrainageDB Information

DrainageDB is a newly developed, comprehensive web-based drainage management portal that is used by Sibley County and other Minnesota counties to track ditch system proceedings. Through DrainageDB, Sibley County is able to provide 24/7 online access to historical and present documents for the public to view. These documents may include original plan maps, orders by the Drainage Authority, petitions for repairs and improvements, inspection reports, meeting and hearing notices, and redetermination documents.

View the DrainageDB Online Portal.